Breakthroughs In Fundraising

Breakthroughs in Fundraising has empowered hundreds of fundraising professionals – providing the tools every fundraiser must master to achieve organizational growth!

“After more than 20 years in the nonprofit sector, I have finally found a fundraising strategy that fits. With a foundation in donor values and program mission, as well as a clear focus on team approach, Breakthroughs in Fundraising has given us a roadmap for expansion and success.”

—Holly Remer, Executive Director, Healthy Beginnings
Breakthrough Group graduate


“The greatest impact this program has had on me is the conceptual overview of the five Breakthrough Goals. I have experience with many of the individual components, however, this program helped put it in perspective how they fit together and what the critical elements are. Breakthroughs in Fundraising gave me a foundation to evaluate where we are as an organization and what aspects we can focus on systematically.”

—Toni Ryan, Development Coordinator, J Bar J Youth Services
Breakthrough Group graduate

What is Breakthroughs in Fundraising?

Breakthroughs in Fundraising is an innovative fundraising training program that guides you to success in winning the hearts of givers and building sustainable, long-term financial support.

In this powerful program you'll learn how to:

  • Build a powerful and engaging nonprofit brand
  • Win new donors and build your donor base
  • Grow annual revenue
  • Build a great development team
  • Establish systems for relationship management, communication and decision support.

Join a Breakthroughs in Fundraising Group!

A Breakthrough Group is a cohort of non-profit leaders that meet regularly for six months for training, mutual encouragement, and problem solving. Together, you will learn how to effectively lead their organization to greater effectiveness in fundraising.

The benefits you’ll receive include:

  1. Strategic Planning – You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the Breakthroughs in Fundraising strategic framework for planning and implementing your development program.
  2. Tools – You’ll receive the tools to plan your development strategy, stay focused on your top priorities, and achieve the five key breakthrough goals.
  3. Coaching – You’ll receive five 45 minute coaching sessions with Ron Frey to help you gain the most from this program.
  4. Support – You’ll have extended time with your peer group to discuss the challenges you face and how to succeed.
  5. Ideas! – Our sessions will be filled with great ideas springing from both the presentation materials and the group itself.
  6. Encouragement – You’ll gain confidence and competence in your work through the encouragement of your peers.
  7. Accreditation - Earn 37 points toward your Certified Fun Raising Executive credentials.

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“I am not aware of any other training like this. It is comprehensive, well organized, and extremely relevant and Ron delivers it with ease. He understands the material well and delivers it in a way that everyone can understand. ‘Breakthroughs in Fundraising’ has something for every organization no matter where they are in their maturity as a charity. The concepts presented are fresh, timely, and perfect for the fundraising environment we are currently in.”

—Greg Moon, VP of Stewardship and Alumni Relations Western Seminary


“Of the hundred or so consultants I worked with over the course of my thirty years as a ‘captain of industry’ I would rank you in the top two or three! Your approach of tailoring solutions to fit our problems instead of tailoring our problems to fit your solutions is quite unique in the consulting community. Most say they do the former, but few really do.”

—John Sorenson, Retired Chairman of the Board, Rinehart Clinic


"I deeply respect you and the way you approach your work. As a trained facilitator myself, I am not easily impressed with the majority of trainers out there. Ron, with your training style, it is evident that you have a wealth of valuable knowledge to share, which is equally matched by your enthusiasm to share it! Furthermore, your inclusive, participative style makes it fun to learn with you. And lastly, the effort you make to quickly learn everyone's name and organization...underscores your professionalism and heart.”

—Snow Thorner


"The Breakthroughs in Fundraising course has been a huge blessing to our organization. Ron Frey is a dynamic and inspiring speaker and coach who gives tangible and applicable techniques to take your organization to the next level. Since working with Ron we have taken multiple steps to incrementally improve our organization and advance our mission. I am confident that the tools and techniques we learned in this course will easily yield an over 100 times financial return in our investment.

I believe every organization should go through this course to become more effective in accomplishing their mission. The content and curriculum will definitely challenge your organization, reveal blind spots, and help you create new innovative systems and solutions to advance your cause. I wish we went through this course seven years ago when we first started."

—Joey Jenkins, Executive Director, Ncompass
Breakthrough Group graduate